Lumiram Blu EnergyLite Dawn Simulator

Due to the lack of sunshine in winter, our body receives much less blue light than in the summer months. Blu light uses the latest blue light technology that delivers low intensity blu light at a specific wavelength and it is an effective treatment of SAD and other circadian rhythm related problems such as jet lag, sleep disorders etc…

Features/Benefits And Directions Of Use:

  • Uses blue led lights (no U.V.) to simulate a clear blue summer day which helps lessen symptoms of Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD) and helps with mood swings and lack of energy.
  • Use at a distance of 20 to 30 inches for 30 minutes a day or as recommended by your practitioner.
  • Control the desired intensity of light (Adjustable brightness)


  • Power Input: 9v DC up to 1.1A via external Transformer / Adaptor
  • Batteries: Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer. Capacity 850MA
  • Battery Performance:  Fully charged LED Run time + 3hrs at full intensity
  • Blue LEDs: 60 x single peak wavelength 470 – 475 nm
  • LED Life: Approx. 30,000 hrs
  • Light Output:  350-400 LUX @ full intensity At 100% energy between 1.5 – 2.5 mW/cmÇ @ 18”
  • Display: ELP – Backlit LCD
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