Pure, Crisp, and Vibrant Colors

Art gallery lighting should enhance the viewing experience while rendering textures and colors accurately, vividly, and without distortion. It is a gallery’s mission to portray colors as intended by the artist while creating an intimate, comfortable, and overall, ambient viewing space.

Since artwork is usually illuminated at close range, you’ll want to make sure your lighting is free from UV or heat. Most conventional LEDs check that box, yet create a garish and distorted environment. Opt instead for Lumiram’s Chromalux® high CRI LED lighting so you can rest assured that you are effectively illuminating your artwork with color accuracy and without worry. All Chromalux high color rendering halogen and led lamps will effectively showcase colors and textures of your pieces with balanced color rendition and clarity. 

For a beautiful and color accurate ambiance, choose Chromalux® neodymium glass flood LEDs for overhead lighting. 

Recommended products: 

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