About Chromalux®

Chromalux® full spectrum lamp is the original neodymium glass light source. Originally from Finland, this unique light source was used by doctors to detect skin abnormalities in patients. Lumiram’s founders realized the potential benefit of using natural lighting and color discrimination in the home, and Chromalux® was born. Brought to the US in the 1970s, Chromalux® lamps have since been illuminating spaces with pure, bright, and vivid colors unlike any other lamp on the market. 

The Chromalux® color rendition is unique and one of its kind, bringing a feeling of comfort and well-being to any environment. Recently, a new patented neo glass LED version was added to the line, combining energy efficiency and pure, crisp colors in one.

The Technology

The basis of Chromalux® is our patented neodymium glass. All Chromalux bulbs have this rare element compounded directly into the glass, rather than merely coating it. Our glass filters out the dulling yellow component of the light spectrum, while enhancing violet, blue, green, and red elements, resulting in a beautiful, pleasant, and purified light with chromatic balance and strong color discriminating qualities.


Due to its unique chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs produce glare-free light that helps you concentrate longer with increased visual acuity and greater comfort. Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs reduce eye stress while creating a pleasing, colorful, and relaxing environment that enhances people’s sense of well being.


Chromalux is intended as a natural replacement for general-usage light bulbs and may be used with no restrictions for anyone to enjoy all year round in any space, to enhance home décor or uplift your mood. However, certain people may particularly benefit from using Chromalux, including:

  • Those hard of sight, the visually impaired or those with eye sensitivities
  • Those sensitive to EMF
  • Artists