Lumichrome® Full Spectrum

Fluorescent Lamps

Designed for the highest CRI

A unique color unseen before. Featuring Lumiram’s patented 3 phosphor blend. 

Lumichrome® full spectrum fluorescent lamps provide high color rendering for a healthier and more true-to-life environment. 

The Lumichrome® fluorescent lamp technology is based on a uniquely designed three phosphor blend to achieve the utmost color discrimination qualities. With the highest color rendering indexes of 96 and 98, Lumichrome® provides the closest reproduction to natural daylight.

The Lumichrome® fluorescent T8 & T12 lamp line is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and is recommended for display and environmental lighting of any type.

Recommended Applications: Office LightingSupermarket LightingHospital LightingDental Lab LightingRetail illumination

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