Crisp, pure, and accurate colors

As in any retail application, the clarity, color rendering properties, and energy efficiency of a light source are of equal importance when illuminating jewelry stores.

Of the two main zones of concern – the overhead lighting and the jewelry showcases – the showcases must render jewelry naturally and true-to-life, while overhead and general illumination are powerful enough, yet energy-efficient enough to stay on all day.

Diamonds are valued according to whiteness and clarity, therefore trying to sell under a light that is too yellow, too green or too blue can have a considerable impact on their value.
Likewise, colored stones and semi-precious stones will also greatly benefit from being displayed under a high cri light source, enhancing gemstones’ depth of color.

Lumiram’s new line of high color rendering, full spectrum, and high lumen LED PAR + MR16 lamps offer jewelers the light they require to illuminate their stores and showcases with purity, efficiency, and color balance in mind.

For most showcase installations, we recommend Lumiram high CRI LED strips that are available in a variety of types, lengths, and color temperatures.

In essence, the Lumiram Chromalux® natural lighting line will lead to an overall enhanced customer shopping experience.