Energizing, natural, glare-free daylight

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an efficient and productive work environment. Short of having a window office, using full spectrum lighting in all overhead fixtures is the next best thing and important for visual comfort.

Just as full spectrum light enhances mood and feelings of well-being in the home, so too in the office. Whereas a warmer color temperature full spectrum lamp would suffice in the home, opt for cooler color temperatures in the office in order to stimulate alertness and increase productivity.

The easiest way to upgrade existing lighting is with Lumiram Lumichrome full spectrum fluorescent tube lighting, available in a full range of color temperatures and sizes. 

The patented tri phosphor Lumichrome fluorescent line promotes a comfortable, energizing, and glare-free environment that helps people work more efficiently with no eye strain. With a color rendering index between 96 and 98, they have the highest CRI on the market, efficiently mimicking natural daylight, increasing alertness, and reducing eye strain. 

On the other hand, some may prefer to retrofit their existing fixtures with LED fluorescent-style tubes, of which Lumiram carries an extensive line. For some offices, this may be the most energy-efficient choice to consider.

Whatever your preference, Lumiram has a glare-free, comfortable, and of course, energizing full spectrum light to suit your office’s needs. 

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