An oasis of pure and pleasant light

Whether illuminating the kitchen with pure, crisp light to enhance meals or using natural lighting in the bathroom for true-to-life complexions, home lighting serves a variety of needs and settings. However, most will agree that the home is a haven, and lighting should reflect a comfortable space.  Chromalux full spectrum light encompasses all the above and was designed for pleasant and natural home living. 

Due to their chromatic balance and color discriminating qualities, Chromalux® full spectrum bulbs and the entire Chromalux® line of neodymium glass light bulbs produce beautiful, glare-free natural light that brings surroundings to life and maximizes the well-being and mood of those inside it.

By filtering the dulling properties of the light spectrum, Chromalux full spectrum lamps increase the purity and vibrancy of colors and textures,  while creating a pleasant oasis of pure, natural light. Colors pop and contrast is increased, but Chromalux full spectrum lamp is still the most soothing light for the home.  One that your eyes and mood will thank you for.

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