Chromalux® Full Spectrum

Metal Halide Lamps

The only metal halide with true color rendering

They are the only metal halide with true color rendering and a striking white light making them the ideal choice for all retail applications that require unbeatable light quality, consistent performance, and energy efficiency.

When using Chromalux® Metal Halide lamps the store environment instantly becomes attractive and inviting, colors and merchandise display natural and true to life.

Recommended for the illumination of jewelry stores, art galleries, apparel stores, supermarkets, and virtually any retail environment.

These lamps must be used with a suitable ballast and work perfectly with the Lumiram Proline® 70  and Proline® 80 fixture series. 

Recommended applications: Art & Museum LightingJewelry LightingSupermarket Lighting

Metal halide Light Bulbs

PAR Lamps

Metal halide Light Bulbs