Illuminating space with your health in mind

Lumiram is the original maker of full spectrum neodymium glass light sources and Chromalux® full spectrum lamp.

By bringing an aura of purity and freshness to colors, objects, and surroundings, Chromalux® bathes spaces in a soothing and colorful light that maximizes your sense of well-being.


Our story starts in Finland…

Land of the Midnight Sun

Chromalux® full spectrum lamp has its origin in Finland, where life must be sustained in near total darkness during the winter months. Extensive research and testing there resulted in the design of this unique light source, which closely simulates natural sunlight.

This lighting technology, brought to the U.S. by Lumiram and its founders in the 1970s, has allowed people to see brighter and more vibrant colors, enhancing spaces and well-being alike.

Pure Natural Light

See and Feel Better

All Chromalux® full spectrum light bulbs are made of special composition glass which contains neodymium, an element that absorbs yellow and other dulling components of the light spectrum. As a result, light is purified, allowing the values of violet, blue, green, and red components to be strengthened, without an imbalance of one color over another.

Inspired By Nature For People

Since humans first started using candles to illuminate their homes in the darkness, scientists have been striving to reproduce natural light.

Fortunately, Lumiram has succeeded.

Enjoy the comfort and health benefits of the natural light spectrum any time of day with Lumiram products.

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