Chromalux®: The people-pleasing light

The ambiance of a restaurant – and by extension, its lighting –  is one of the most key factors in attracting diners

Whether an intimate bistro, where warm and soft LED and halogen lighting help to create an intimate and cozy mood, or a lively diner, where pleasant, yet cool and true-to-life color rendition are key; high quality, efficient full spectrum lighting will light your restaurant according to taste. Whatever the setting, choose a full spectrum and high color rendering light source to ensure decor is enhanced and food vibrant. 

The Chromalux® line of full spectrum lighting, whether LED or Halogen technology, are designed with the well-being of people in mind. Lumiram’s patented neodyium glass filters dulling, glaring portions of the light spectrum, creating an enhanced and people-pleasing environment. With its origins in creating pure and natural light for the the home, Chromalux® translates seamlessly into hospitality applications. 

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