Lumiram HappyMood™ Mini Light Therapy Pad

HappyMood™ Mini Light Therapy Pad

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With the HappyMood Mini™, you won’t have to think twice about getting your daily dose of bright sunlight. Plugin and use for up to 20-30 minutes a day to start feeling the energizing and balancing effects of bright light therapy anywhere you go! 

Note: We do not make medical claims. Please consult your physician or therapist to see if light therapy is right for you.

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HappyMood™ Mini provides:

    • 10,000 lux of light at 24”

    • Full spectrum UV-free LED light

    • Touchpad with choice of 3 light intensity levels to suit your needs and sensitivity

    • Adjustable stand to direct light as needed

    • Compact size; carry with you anywhere: 6.5 “ x 11 “ x 0.5 “