MR16 38°

MR16 38°

Voltage: 12V
Lumens: 550
Length: 1 15/16"
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Description: Neo Lens
Color temp: 4200°
Base: GU5.3
Average Rated Life: 5,000 hours
Wattage: 35W
Reference: FMW ND UV BLOCK

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Benefits of Chromalux® White Beam MR16 lamps


Lumiram patented Chromalux® MR16 White Beam produces a pure white beam of light.

With a color rendition that is very unique to the Chromalux® bulb line, and a color temperature of 4200K, Chromalux® White Beam lamps is the MR16 of choice of specialty retailers that require white natural balanced light for their store displays.

With the highest standard of European manufacturing, the Chromalux® MR 16 is uniquely equipped with a titanium reflector (while most MR 16 lamps are aluminized), which allows constant lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp, and a pure Neodymium lens, which filters the dulling yellow/green part of the spectrum.

Chromalux® White Beam is long life and has an average life of 5,000 Hours. Recommended for home, jewelry stores, art galleries, museums etc…