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Authorized Resellers

Store name Store website Lumiram Products Available Phone Number
Healthlighting All products (800) 354-1044
Light for Jewelry LED lighting (914) 834-4226
Swanson Light bulbs (800) 824-4491
Dick Blick Arts Supplies Light bulbs and tubes (800) 828-4548
Jerry’s Artarama Light bulbs and tubes (800) 827-8478
Tools For Wellness Light bulbs and tubes (800) 456-9887
Service Lighting Light bulbs (800) 948-1063
Just Bulbs Light bulbs (212) 888-5707
Sunlan Lighting Light bulbs (503) 281-0453
True Sun Light bulbs (740)284-1301
Comfort House Light bulbs and tubes (800) 359-7701
Atlanta Light Bulbs Light bulbs (888) 988-2852
LS&S Products Light bulbs (800) 468-4789
Maxi Aids Light bulbs (800) 522-6294
Houzz Light bulbs (800) 368-4268
Wayfair Light bulbs  
Lucky Vitamin Light bulbs (888) 635-0474
VitaCost Light bulbs (800) 381-0759
Triangle Healing Products (Canada) Light bulbs (888) 370-1818