Lumiram Refresh Antimicrobial LED Panel

Lumiram Refresh

Ordering Code: LUMI-REFRESH

Protection against bacteria, viruses, and environmental toxins.

This unique LED panel features a four layer HEPA and activated carbon air filtration system along with nano technology and a centrifugal fan, killing viral and bacterial pathogens upon contact and clearing environmental toxins from the air. 

Each Lumiram refresh™ unit covers an area of approximately 600-700 square feet.

 FDA, EMC, SGS, LVD approved 


  • Centrifugal fan
  • 4 layer filter constitution features: 1 activated carbon layer for air deodorization + 3 layers of nano antibacterial fiber for dust removal, VOC decomposition, antiviral/antibacterial protection
  • Nanotechnology air purification degrades pathogens and VOCs upon contact
  • Flicker-free UV LED light 
  • Removes 99.99% of pathogens within 20 minutes 
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  • Reference: LUMI-REFRESH
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 55W
  • Color Temperature: 4000˚K, 6000˚K
  • CRI: 90
  • Lumens: 4000lm
  • Size: (2′ x 2′)  595mm x 595mm x 120mm
  • Average life of filter screen: 2160 hours