Where to Buy Lumiram Light bulbs and tubes


We are proud to present to you here with our preferred partners where you will be able to purchase Lumiram's various ranges of products.

These partners have been carefully selected by us at Lumiram in concordance with our strict standards of quality and in order to best serve our customers of high-end lighting products.

We have listed them here by type of Lumiram products they carry, and for your convenience we have included their complete contact information. You can always call Lumiram directly to order products directly ( case quantities only ) Call 1-800-354-1044

Happy Lighting!



Store name Store website Lumiram Products Available Phone Number
HealthLighting www.HealthLighting.com All products (800) 354-1044
Eurolight Systems www.Eurolightsystems.com LED lighting
(914) 834-4226
Dick Blick Arts Supplies www.DickBlick.com Light bulbs and tubes (800) 828-4548
Jerry’s Artarama www.JerrysArtarama.com Light bulbs and tubes (800) 827-8478
Utrecht Manufacturing Corp. www.UtrechtArt.com Light bulbs (800) 223-9132
True Sun www.TrueSun.com Light bulbs and tubes (740) 284-1301
Swanson Health Products www.SwansonVitamins.com Light bulbs (800) 824-4491
Tools For Wellness www.ToolsForWellness.com Light bulbs and tubes (800) 456-9887
Comfort House www.ComfortHouse.com Light bulbs and tubes (800) 359-7701
VitaCost www.VitaCost.com Light bulbs (800) 381-0759
Lucky Vitamin www.LuckyVitamin.com Light bulbs (888) 635-0474



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