PL/535MM55W 4000°k

PL/535MM55W 4000°k

Color temp: 4000
CRI: 96
Reference: T55W-1X

Benefits of Lumichrome® full spectrum Fluorescent lamps

Choose Lumichrome® Fluorescent Lamps for full spectrum high color rendering

and a healthier and truer to life environment.


The Lumichrome® fluorescent lamp technology is based on a uniquely designed three-phosphor blend to achieve the utmost color discrimination qualities. With the highest color temperatures of 96 and 98, Lumichrome® provides the closest reproduction to Natural Daylight combined with state of the art energy efficiency. 

The Lumichrome® fluorescent lamp line is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and is recommended for display and environmental lighting of all types.

Lumiram Lumichrome® fluorescent lamps have shown to promote people’s sense of comfort and well being.