Led Showcase/Cabinet MR11 Light

Led Showcase/Cabinet MR11 Light

Width: 35mm
Wattage: 3W
Voltage: 12V 350ma
Material: aluminum
Lumens: 190 Lumens
Length: 82mm
Height: 230mm
Finish: chrome or black
Description: MR11 3W High Power LED *Power Source Required
Color temp: 4200°K and 6000°K
Average Rated Life: 50,000 Average Hours
Reference: LUMLEDSL/MR11/3W

Benefits of LED lighting


• LED light bulbs are actually a cluster of smaller light emitting diodes that produce light.

LEDs have no filament and that makes them more resistant to heat, cold and shock.

• An LED is a "solid-state lighting" technology, or SSL. Rather than emitting light from a vacuum, which is what an incandescent bulb does, or a gas, which is what a fluorescent bulb uses, an SSL is able to emit light from a semiconductor.

• As the electrons move around they produce light but not heat, and because of the structure of the product these lights are more stable and last much longer.