Apparel Store Lighting


Display Lighting with Distinction


Specialty retailers such as jewelry stores, apparel stores, gourmet food shops, hair and beauty salons, health and fitness centers, spray booth establishments and more all depend on quality natural white light for their merchandising requirements.

Lumiram Chromalux balanced  light sources and systems have been the Number 1 choice of most specialty retailers all over the world for the past 30 years and are especially suited for the illumination of products where business is driven by visual appearance.

Apparel Store Lighting


Apparel stores of all kinds will benefit from a pure white illumination combined with longevity and high efficiency.


Chromalux PAR lamps show colors and textures of garments in a way unmatched before and will attract customers like never before.


Lumichrome Fluorescent lamps with their high CRI quality have also been the fluorescent line of choice for overall illumination application.


The Lumiram new LED line, thanks to it’s extremely long life and low electricity consumption has recently become extremely popular among apparel stores owners.


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