Going Green Is Even More Beautiful With Lumiram Full Spectrum Lighting

Since humans first started using candles to illuminate their homes in the darkness, scientists have been striving to reproduce natural light. Fortunately, Lumiram has succeeded.

This generation can now enjoy all the comfort and health benefits of the natural light spectrum any time of day with Lumiram products. 

Lumiram Chromalux®,  LED, Lumichrome®, and Proline™ not only provide superior lighting but they respect the environment through their superior energy efficiency and long service life. 


Perfect for displays of jewelry, art work, and merchandise of any kind, Lumiram lamps help you exhibit any product with distinction and elegance, providing an optimized color rendition.  


Lumiram LEDs supply the additional benefit of low heat output, thereby keeping your environment comfortable and helping you avoid increased air conditioning costs.


Hospitals, chiropractors and doctor’s offices  regularly  choose  Lumiram  products  to  ensure  comfort of patients and make sure the medical professional’s vision is not impeded during treatment by the yellowish tones and shadows of ordinary lighting.

Offices illuminate their work spaces with Lumiram products to save on energy costs and protect their employee’s vision from harsh fluorescent lighting that can strain both eyes and dispositions.

Restaurants, grocery stores and specialty retailers use Lumiram lighting to both save on electric costs and make their products more visually appealing.

Choosing to furnish your home or workplace with Lumiram products is a healthy decision as well.


There are many lighting systems to choose from and you are sure to find one from Lumiram that suits your design needs.


Whether you require track lighting, desk lamps, floor lamps or recessed ceiling systems, Lumiram has what you need to live both a healthier and greener lifestyle.